Exercises to help older adults maintain healthy bones

Bones and Calcium

More than 30% of Canadian women aged 71 or older have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, compared with about 6% of men. Regular weight-bearing activities like walking and dancing can help prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Older adults with osteoporosis can improve bone strength and prevent falls and fractures with activities that include strength training, balance and posture exercises, and regular aerobic, weight-bearing exercise.

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Dr. Amy Case Study: Taking charge of your health and wellness as you age

Senior woman doing aqua aerobic

If you ask people what’s important to them as they age, they will almost always mention staying in control of their life and making their own decisions, with independence and choice being dearly held values at any age. Recently, I had the chance to chat with someone who is ensuring that she ages with choice and independence, and I think her story has great lessons for many of us.

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7 tips to cope with seasonal allergies

sick senior woman blowing nose to paper napkin

One in six Canadians suffers from seasonal allergies, and these can pose serious risks for seniors with heart conditions and COPD. Consult with your doctor about the safe use of allergy medications, which can potentially cause side effects like drowsiness and dizziness in older adults. Simple strategies such as closing doors and windows, monitoring pollen counts and wearing sunglasses outside can reduce your exposure to allergy triggers and uncomfortable symptoms.

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#MomentsThatMatter – Dancing the Night Away

Blog Pickering

Some of Marion’s fondest memories involve dancing, and at 94 years old, the Chartwell Pickering City Centre resident hasn’t lost her love for it. When Marion entered her name into her residence’s Moments that Matter box—a program which encourages residents to express a special moment they’ve been dreaming about and let staff help to make it a reality—her one request was to dance with a man again. Staff took note and began to formulate a plan to fulfill Marion’s wish at their upcoming Annual Seniors Prom event.

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A menu as attractive as the atmosphere at Chartwell Carlton Retirement Residence

Carlton 3

An attractive dining room isn’t the only modern amenity being planned for Chartwell Carlton. A beautiful bistro will also be on site, equipped with a comforting fireplace and pool table—the perfect spot for having a tea or coffee while you read the morning paper, or for socializing with friends. In addition, Chartwell Carlton’s private dining room allows you to host your family and friends for a meal or celebration, while the well-appointed demonstration kitchen is a place where you can cook or bake for pleasure, or perhaps even relax as a family member prepares a favourite recipe for you!

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Essential Conversations with Dr. Amy: Assessing whether your current lifestyle is healthy and enjoyable

Group Of Senior Friends Hiking In Countryside

Many of us now know that our health and longevity are impacted much more by our lifestyle and behaviours than by our genetics. This may make you worried that you waited too long to make good choices. Good news: there is evidence that it’s never too late to make changes that positively impact our health. John Hopkins Medicine published an article titled, “It’s Never Too Late: Five Healthy Steps at Any Age,” and The Guardian published an article with the headline, “Key to Longer Life May Lie in Keeping Fit From the Age of 70.” It continues: “Former Lifestyle May Not Determine Longevity.”

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New smart tools promote better health and safety for seniors

Learning new technologies

New smart tools are being developed by innovative researchers and companies to improve the healthy and safety of seniors. A smart voice fridge sensor helps prevent food from spoiling, while pressure-sensitive mats on beds can monitor sleep abnormalities to potentially detect sleep apnea or a stroke. Wearable sensors in watches can alert caregivers to falls and augmented reality glasses can potentially sharpen vision for older adults with serious eye conditions.

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