Chartwell Anne Hathaway and Public Library on Wheels team up


For children, playing and learning go hand in hand. A morning spent blowing bubbles or stacking building blocks can teach new skills, and pairing activities with time spent interacting with the community is even more beneficial. That’s what the Public Library on Wheels in Stratford, Ontario, and Chartwell Anne Hathaway Retirement Residence aimed to accomplish during their exciting program this summer, Acorns & Oak Trees.

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#MomentsThatMatter – A Meeting with Justin Trudeau

Jean and Justin

When Chartwell Stonehaven resident Jean turned 100 years old in May, she sat down with General Manager Yasmin Docter-Vachon to show off some of the ‘presents’ she’d received on her big day. “Jean was sent a number of letters to recognize her centenarian birthday, including a letter from the Queen, Prime Minister, Governor General and many other local officials,” Yasmin explains. “While we were pouring over them, as well as some photos of Ottawa, Jean shared that she used to work as a secretary in Parliament Hill’s West Block, and expressed that she wanted to go back for a visit one day.”

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#MomentsThatMatter – Father of the Bride

Abdul 1

Staff at Chartwell Duke of Devonshire in Ottawa were pleased to welcome Mr. Abdul Khanani to their elegant retirement community for a short stay back in September. After settling in, they learned that Abdul had decided to book his short stay visit because he thought it would be best to reside in an environment where his daily needs could be met with comfort, flexibility and top-notch customer service while his wife and family were away in Europe. For health reasons, he was unable to travel with them—and even more heart-wrenching, unable to attend his daughter’s wedding abroad.

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Childhood sweethearts celebrate 60th wedding anniversary at Chartwell Ross Place

Couple celebrates 60th anniversary at Chartwell Ross Place

On August 25, Alec and Lena Chow celebrated 60 years of marriage at a party held in their honour at Chartwell Ross Place, where they are residents. As the couple basked in the love of family and friends, all were amazed by the significance of the moment, especially as Chartwell Ross Place stands on the same spot that was once North Ward Elementary School, where Alec and Lena first met as children.

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Tips for ‘cleaning’ your finances this fall

Tips for 'cleaning' your finances this fall

This fall, don’t just rake the leaves off your lawn and clear clutter out of the coat closet – give your finances a good cleaning, too. Taking the time needed to review your financial situation and accounts can help you ensure you can comfortably afford the retirement living lifestyle you desire. Perhaps you may even uncover hidden costs that can be eliminated for even bigger savings.

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Jack Pays His Respects Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime Canada


Chartwell Royal Park resident, Jack Ryall, was overcome with emotion as he recently traveled to Nassau, Bahamas, to fulfill his wish of a lifetime. Born in England and a self-described “true cockney,” Jack lied about his age just to enlist in the Royal Air Force at 16. After serving in Nassau, he eventually made his way to Calgary in 1972, where he prided himself on being a good father and husband.

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