7 ways lifelong learning promotes healthy aging

Family Taking Picture at Graduation with Cell Phone

September is when kids go back to school, and it’s also a perfect time for older adults to embark on new formal or informal learning opportunities. Research studies show that lifelong learning offers multiple and lasting health benefits for older adults. Active, ongoing learning increases brain resiliency, promotes social interactions, boosts mood, eases stress and is also linked to longer life and healthier behaviours.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident creates children’s book for family to cherish

Evelyn WOLC Children Book Collage

Fulfilling a lifelong passion can be a joyful event, and being able to share a dream with beloved family and friends can take the experience to a whole new level. This was the case for Evelyn Paterson, 89, of Chartwell Renaissance in Langley, British Columbia, when she reached out to Wish of a Lifetime Canada to have her original children’s book illustrated and published for future generations to enjoy.

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8 tips to prevent or ease low back pain

Mature Man Suffering From Backache Whilst Gardening At Home

Lower back pain affects up to 80% of Canadians and is the most common health problem among older adults that results in pain and disability. It’s more common among sedentary people and new international guidelines recommend exercise and other non-drug options as first-line treatments. Staying active, doing tai chi, yoga or other gentle stretching and strengthening exercises, and having good posture can help to prevent or ease low back pain.

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The benefits of protein for seniors’ muscle strength

Selection vegan protein sources on wood background

New research suggests consuming protein more evenly through three daily meals helps older adults maintain muscle strength—rather than only consuming protein-rich food during dinnertime. Protein-rich foods such as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs and peanut butter can make breakfast as good for your muscles as chicken or lean meat at dinner. Regular physical activity—including some strength exercises—is also important for preventing or slowing age-related muscle loss.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident experiences thrill of a back-country helicopter landing

Brian WOLC Helicopter 2

Resident Brian Dickinson, 82, of Chartwell Lynnwood Retirement Residence in Chilliwack, British Columbia, had a dream: he wished to experience the excitement of a unique adventure he was unable to complete some 40 years earlier. His wish was to be flown by helicopter along the coast of British Columbia to a spot where a back-country landing maneuver could be performed. Thanks to Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada, Brian’s wish became reality as his helicopter landed atop a snow-covered mountain with Vancouver Island and volcanic Mount Baker in the distance!

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Delicious Apple Pie Recipe by Chartwell Park Place Resident

Homemade Apple Pie

The scent of freshly-baked goods often fills the hallways of Chartwell Park Place Retirement Residence, thanks to an on-site country kitchen that residents make use of when they feel the urge to do some cooking or baking. Case in point: resident Wilmot “Wim” Pattenden, who absolutely loves using the amenity space to bake all kinds of tasty treats year-round.

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