Small ways to stay active

Retirement communities offer a variety of ways for older adults to remain active, from courses that promote physical fitness to outdoor activities that encourage exercise. Although these offerings can help individuals who are looking to boost their mental and physical health, there are several small ways to get in some extra daily movement from the comfort of your own room.


Whether you are watching a movie or catching up on a television series, this activity can cause you to be sedentary for an extended period of time. Instead of spending two or more hours sitting down in front of the TV, consider these simple ways to stay moving:

Walk during commercials:
In lieu of staying seated while your show goes on break, stand up and walk around for a bit. Stretching your legs can prevent clotting, cramping or aches, as well as allow you to stay active.

Keep your limbs moving:
If you’re watching a movie with friends and don’t want to stand or walk, consider small movements you can conduct from your seat, such as arm exercises that keep them limber, or leg stretches that allow you to flex your legs in a seated pose.


Surfing the Internet is a great way to pass the time, but similar to watching television, it can be easy to spend several hours in a sedentary position, which may lead to uncomfortable health effects. To stay active during this activity, be sure to:

Sit on an unconventional surface:
The Washington Post reported that sitting on something wobbly, such as an exercise ball, not only encourages you to stand up and stretch every once in a while, but also drastically improves posture.

Don’t sit still:
Whether you’re tapping your feet, bobbing your head or playing with a pen, be sure to keep moving as you sit in front of the computer. Your mother may have warned you against fidgeting, but this small act can keep blood flowing as you remain seated.


If you’ve got a free hour or even just 30 minutes, consider these small acts that can keep you moving:

Clean something:
Dusting, rearranging or organizing items can not only decrease clutter, but also allow you to move around a bit.

Bob to the beat:
Dancing is a great way to burn calories and decrease stress. Be sure to bob your head and nod your feet along with the beat of your favorite tunes – an activity you can do whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down.

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