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A little kindness goes a long way

At Chartwell Retirement Residences, respect is a top priority among staff and residents. In fact, Chartwell lists Respect, Empathy, Service, Excellence, Performance, Education, Commitment and Trust (RESPECT) as its corporate values, which each home and corporate office strives to exhibit on a daily basis. When they decided to hold a contest that encouraged creative entries describing how each home embodied these values, the submissions were both touching and inspiring.

Some of the entries made viewers laugh, others made them tear up – but one thing remained consistent throughout: all of the submissions showed staff and residents working together to provide a retirement experience that goes far beyond just a place to live. Winners of the contest shared a glimpse into how their residence demonstrates the utmost respect for residents. Laura Willett, Lifestyle & Programs Manager at Chartwell Maison Herron in Dorval, QC, shared her home’s story.

Generating the idea

When the annual Corporate Values Contest came out, Chartwell Maison Herron’s Lifestyle & Programs Manager began to brainstorm ideas for a submission. She saw the perfect idea on YouTube: a video done by Life Vest Inside called “Kindness Boomerang”. The concept of the video is about paying it forward so that good karma will eventually come back to you. The residence’s team decided to produce a similar video to encourage the community to embrace the powerful message of giving back and Chartwell’s vision of Making People’s Lives BETTER.

The main goal of the video was to show everyone that by devoting time and effort to helping others, they will have a positive impact on the world. Whether it’s by helping someone or simply making a small gesture, such as a hug or smile, you can brighten someone’s day.

The residence team worked together to determine what simple actions they could incorporate into the video to demonstrate the kindness currently shared between staff and residents. Once the script was written, staff, residents and family were approached to see if they would be interested in participating in the project. Without hesitation, everyone who was approached agreed. About 15 people worked together to create a beautiful video.

Although Chartwell Maison Herron is a long-term care facility and welcomes residents with various levels of physical and cognitive challenges, all participants fully embraced the project and gave it 100% of their time and energy. Once all the scenes were shot and edited to create the short film, the final product was revealed to all those involved. While watching the video, residents’ eyes lit up and their faces glowed with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Even the residents’ families were amazed with what they saw. One family member teared up, proud of her mother’s acting despite her Alzheimer’s disease.

“When they announced that our video was one of the selected winners, you could imagine our excitement and pride,” explains Willet, “I called a meeting with all those involved to share the good news. The looks on the resident’s faces were priceless. The feeling of satisfaction they had because they helped create a beautiful and meaningful video filled them with warmth and a sense of self-confidence.”

Residents are looking forward to celebrating the home’s accomplishment with a big party, where they will showcase their acting talents to the rest of the Chartwell Maison Herron family.



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