Acts of kindness:


As part of Chartwell’s H.O.P.E. initiative, residents at Chartwell Muskoka Traditions raised nearly $950 in an effort to give back to their community. Their hope was that the money would be used to send a deserving child to summer camp. The residence asked a local foundation, The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation, for their help in finding the perfect match for the generous gift.

Keeping in mind they could only afford to send one child to camp, the foundation worked hard to find someone that was just the right fit. A young boy, aged 9, was the lucky recipient of the residence’s incredible donation. His mother had applied for funding so he could attend camp, but the District of Muskoka had already given out all their funding as there was a huge demand this year. When they learned that a generous donation would allow their son to experience summer camp, their eyes lit up with joy. To know that their son would be given a chance to enjoy all that camp has to offer really helped to brighten their day.

Thanks to the donation this family received, their son enjoyed an entire week at camp, complete with tuck money, proper shoes, clothing, sunscreen and bug spray! The time spent outdoors with friends no doubt made a lasting impression on the boy, as the benefits of camp are far-reaching. A big congratulations to the residents who made this wonderful moment become a reality.


Aubri Andre, a seven-year-old girl from Leamington, Ontario, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Aubri’s story greatly impacted the small town community, and residents from Chartwell Leamington and Chartwell Kingsville were determined to help out in whatever way they could. After a phone call to her family, the residences realized there was an even greater connection to Aubri, as a relative of her aunt had lived at Chartwell Kingsville for many years. It was decided that the best way to support Aubri and her family would be with a fish-fry fundraiser, aptly called the “Fish and Chip-in for Aubri.” The planning committee quickly worked to have posters and tickets created for the event, and Aubri’s family used ‘Aubri’s Angels’ Facebook page to promote the event to their over 2,000 followers. The residences reached out to local businesses in the Kingsville and Leamington communities who were eager to generously donate raffle prizes for the event, as well as all the delicious fish.

Before event day, Aubri was moved to Alberta’s Children’s Hospital for treatment. Wondering how the residence could support the family further, a call was made to Chartwell Colonel Belcher, located minutes away from the hospital. The management team there graciously agreed to offer complimentary accommodation to family and friends in-need while visiting Aubri. On the day of the event, residents, management, staff and volunteers from Chartwell Leamington and Chartwell Kingsville came together for one unified goal. They had 230 people in attendance, setting a record for the largest event ever held at Chartwell Kingsville! A grand total of $4,526 was raised for Aubri and her family and during the evening, Sarah, Aubri’s Aunt, passed around her iPhone so everyone could video chat with Aubri from the hospital. Seeing Aubri’s smile and knowing they made a difference in the little girl’s life was the biggest reward for everyone that night.

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