Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Reconnecting with a long-time student makes teacher dream again


Jacqueline L’Heureux Hart, 80, of Chartwell Monastère d’Aylmer in Gatineau, Quebec, knew by the age of 15 that she wanted to become a professional writer. Her dream eventually became a reality, and she has since successfully published 10 books, but it didn’t come easy. During the many years leading up to her writing career, Jacqueline applied her passion for telling stories to a career as a teacher. As a result, she made some lasting connections with her students, particularly with Stéphane, who she taught in 1977.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident wishes to have collection of poems published

Jean WOLC Poetry Collage

For Jean Perdue, 93, of Chartwell Scarlett Heights in Etobicoke, Ontario, writing poetry began as a way to express her feelings. As she gained independence and began rediscovering herself later in life, words flowed freely in the form of hundreds of poems. Jean dreamt that one day she would see her large collection of poems published in a book; that wish was granted in June thanks to Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident creates children’s book for family to cherish

Evelyn WOLC Children Book Collage

Fulfilling a lifelong passion can be a joyful event, and being able to share a dream with beloved family and friends can take the experience to a whole new level. This was the case for Evelyn Paterson, 89, of Chartwell Renaissance in Langley, British Columbia, when she reached out to Wish of a Lifetime Canada to have her original children’s book illustrated and published for future generations to enjoy.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident experiences thrill of a back-country helicopter landing

Brian WOLC Helicopter 2

Resident Brian Dickinson, 82, of Chartwell Lynnwood Retirement Residence in Chilliwack, British Columbia, had a dream: he wished to experience the excitement of a unique adventure he was unable to complete some 40 years earlier. His wish was to be flown by helicopter along the coast of British Columbia to a spot where a back-country landing maneuver could be performed. Thanks to Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada, Brian’s wish became reality as his helicopter landed atop a snow-covered mountain with Vancouver Island and volcanic Mount Baker in the distance!

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident Creates Photo Album to Honour Husband

Tilly WOLC 1

Mathilda “Tilly” Koppes, 82, of Chartwell Ridgepointe in Kamloops, British Columbia, longed to honour her late husband Martin’s achievements and to preserve his legacy by creating a photo album dedicated to his life and career. For years, she had been collecting and archiving printed materials about his personal and professional life that she hoped would someday be assembled in a meaningful way. Mathilda’s wish was put into action with the help of Chartwell’s charitable partner, Wish of a Lifetime Canada. They understood the value of preserving history to pass on to future generations and did everything possible for Mathilda to achieve her dream.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Antoine attends the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Show of Montreal

Antoine WOLC

Antoine Normand, 77, of Chartwell Monastere d’Aylmer in Gatineau, Quebec, describes himself as a “Don Quichotte with a mission.” Known for his generosity and unique sense of humour, he devoted his entire life to advocating for others and encouraging Canadian citizens to seize opportunities to better their lives.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: BC Resident Meets Adult Grandson For The First Time


Ken McFarland of Chartwell Carrington Place isn’t one to ask for much. At age 94, the soft-spoken man is grateful for the life he has lived and is a person who treasures family above all else. This past Christmas, Ken’s life took an unexpected and exciting turn when he got the chance to hug the adult grandson he had never met before — thanks to Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Military Music Reconnects Resident With His Past

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The sounds of a marching band stir memories in many of us – from standing on the sidelines at a St. Patrick’s Day parade to touring a historic fortress on a family vacation – but for one Chartwell resident, the sounds and rhythm have a much deeper meaning. For ninety-one-year-old Lloyd Sullivan of Chartwell Wynfield Long Term Care in Oshawa, Ontario, marching bands are a powerful link to his past as a member of Toronto’s Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.

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