Why your holiday visit may prove important to your parents’ well-being

Senior woman reading a book to her grandson beside a Christmas tree

The holidays are almost here! For many adult children who don’t live nearby their aging parents or perhaps don’t get the chance to visit often, this can be a wonderful time to catch up and enjoy cherished family traditions with mom or dad; however, it can also provide an opportunity to assess how they’re doing in terms of their physical, mental and emotional health.

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How to make your new residence a true home for the holidays

Christmas decorations in the bedroom or studio with bed and pillows

Have you recently moved into a retirement residence? For some, it can take a while for a new place to feel like home; however, the holidays are the perfect time to enliven your new space with the holiday décor you look forward to putting out each year, as well as bring forward those old seasonal traditions that give you a sense of warmth, peace and happiness—that “at home” feeling. You may even find your new retirement community provides the chance to make new holiday memories.

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Dr. Amy Case Study: Engaging Long-Distance Siblings in Caregiving

senior women

I asked Ginette about other family members that might be able to help her in providing support to her parents. She told me she had one sister, *Marta, who lives several hours away. Ginette said she and Marta had a good relationship, but she was getting increasingly frustrated that the whole responsibility of caring for their parents was falling to her.

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How understanding helps to build better relationships between adult children and their parents

Teenage Granddaughter Helping Grandmother In Garden

As our parents age, it can become easy to fall into the trap of seeing them as less capable versions of their younger selves. We may mistakenly accept old age as a time of decline, rather than a new chapter of development and growth. That narrow lens can affect our relationship with our parents; we might even feel like we’re reversing roles, transitioning from child to caregiver.

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