7 healthy aging technologies to improve quality of life

Joyful elderly woman playing video games

Researchers are developing new tools that harness technology to improve quality of life for older adults in different ways. Innovative tools like PostureCoach help caregivers to prevent back injuries, while social digital games can strengthen an older adult’s brain and social network. Assistive technologies, such as a smart glove, reduce tremors in people with Parkinson’s disease, and smart wheelchairs help people with mobility issues avoid collisions.

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9 lessons on health and longevity from the world’s Blue Zones

Happy senior couple cheering with red wine in italian restaurant outdoor

Researchers located five small areas globally, known as “Longevity Blue Zones,” where people live the longest and are the healthiest. They found that people shared nine specific lifestyle traits that contributed to their good health and longevity. You can create your own personal Blue Zone by moving naturally, living with purpose, relaxing, eating moderately, putting family first and building strong social networks.

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New study examines adverse effects of overmedication

Opioid painkillers crisis and drug abuse concept. Opioid and prescription medication addiction epidemic. Different kinds of multicolored pills. Pharmaceutical medicament background

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians over 65 take five or more prescription drugs. Taking more medications than necessary increases the risk of adverse side effects and harmful interactions. A review of current medications with your doctor and pharmacist could help to eliminate some unnecessary or inappropriate medications. To manage chronic conditions and stay healthy, it’s also important to take the medications you do need exactly as prescribed.

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7 ways to lower your blood pressure

Skillful elderly lady measuring blood pressure at home

High blood pressure affects more than one in five Canadians and is the most common reason to see a doctor. Hypertension increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia and other serious illnesses. It’s important to check your blood pressure regularly and if detected, you can lower it through lifestyle changes such as consuming less salt, eating healthy foods, being physically active and reducing stress.

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How to maintain a healthy weight as you age

Mexican doctor weighing elderly patient

Older adults often gain weight with age because more food energy gets stored as fat, they lose muscle and are less active. Making small lifestyle adjustments by being more physically active and eating healthy, nutritious foods will help you lose weight and gain big health benefits. Being underweight brings health risks too, which you can offset by eating smaller meals more often or choosing foods that are easier to chew.

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