Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Antoine attends the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Show of Montreal

Antoine WOLC

Antoine Normand, 77, of Chartwell Monastere d’Aylmer in Gatineau, Quebec, describes himself as a “Don Quichotte with a mission.” Known for his generosity and unique sense of humour, he devoted his entire life to advocating for others and encouraging Canadian citizens to seize opportunities to better their lives.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: BC Resident Meets Adult Grandson For The First Time


Ken McFarland of Chartwell Carrington Place isn’t one to ask for much. At age 94, the soft-spoken man is grateful for the life he has lived and is a person who treasures family above all else. This past Christmas, Ken’s life took an unexpected and exciting turn when he got the chance to hug the adult grandson he had never met before — thanks to Chartwell’s partnership with Wish of a Lifetime Canada.

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A table for two (or more) contributes to healthy eating for seniors

Senior friends having barbecue lunch at home - Old people having fun eating tasty meat and corn cob at bbq meal - Joyful elderly active lifestyle concept - Focus on bottom left hand - Vintage filter

t turns out that eating alone isn’t always the best for our health. A long-term British study led by a Canadian researcher found that participants aged 50+ who lived and dined alone ate a smaller variety of fruits and vegetables (i.e., a less healthy diet) than those who lived with a partner. Those who didn’t enjoy a fulsome social life and had little contact with friends also suffered from a poorer diet than their more socially-engaged counterparts.

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Gerry and Flo: A life of love together

Gerry and Flo Harbours

Chartwell Harbours residents Gerry and Flo, who have been together for well-over half a century, prove true love exists. Their relationship has defined them since they were both children—based on devotion, respect and compromise—and is a true inspiration to their friends, family and fellow residents at their retirement community in Calgary.

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Ask Our Experts: The importance of a social life in our retirement years

Chartwell762_Retouched TM

A popular misconception that I’ve come across since I started in the industry many years ago is that seniors choose a retirement living lifestyle solely because they’ve experienced a health scare and now require the availability of care services—but that couldn’t be more untrue! In fact, many of the residents I’ve come to know well have chosen to move in for a variety of reasons: because they no longer wish to maintain a home (which entails a lot of work, as we all know—from cutting grass and shovelling driveways to every day clean-up and repairs), could benefit from some help with cooking nutritional meals or getting back and forth to appointments, or simply because they feel lonely living on their own. On this last point I’d like to talk further.

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Chartwell Waterford says ‘thank you’ with 100-foot-long submarine sandwich

Waterford Sub 4

Staff at Chartwell Waterford Retirement Residence recently demonstrated their dedication to our vision by throwing a Random Acts of Kindness event. In an effort to build a kinder world, they decided on a creative—and delicious!— approach the event, meant to thank everyone at the residence and community partners for their continued support and generosity. So what made it so special?

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Leading an active life: Your questions answered about retirement living

Happy retirement concept, Senior woman enjoying her hobby with smiling face

A 2016 survey on seniors’ quality of life comparing those older adults living in retirement communities with those searching for one found that 70 per cent of current residents experienced an overall better quality of life than those not yet living in a retirement community. This included factors such as social well-being and nutrition.

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Meet Chartwell Deerview Crossing’s resident artist

Deerview Helen 2

You don’t have to look hard for artistic talent at Chartwell Deerview Crossing Retirement Residence. In fact, walking through the front door, inspiring artwork is mere steps away. Four of resident Helen’s beautiful watercolour paintings decorate a dedicated wall on the ground floor, an honour given to her by the residence to celebrate her exceptional ability. But Helen is as prolific as she is talented, and these four pieces represent the tip of the iceberg.

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