Chartwell Waterford says ‘thank you’ with 100-foot-long submarine sandwich

Waterford Sub 4

Staff at Chartwell Waterford Retirement Residence recently demonstrated their dedication to our vision by throwing a Random Acts of Kindness event. In an effort to build a kinder world, they decided on a creative—and delicious!— approach the event, meant to thank everyone at the residence and community partners for their continued support and generosity. So what made it so special?

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Leading an active life: Your questions answered about retirement living

Happy retirement concept, Senior woman enjoying her hobby with smiling face

A 2016 survey on seniors’ quality of life comparing those older adults living in retirement communities with those searching for one found that 70 per cent of current residents experienced an overall better quality of life than those not yet living in a retirement community. This included factors such as social well-being and nutrition.

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Meet Chartwell Deerview Crossing’s resident artist

Deerview Helen 2

You don’t have to look hard for artistic talent at Chartwell Deerview Crossing Retirement Residence. In fact, walking through the front door, inspiring artwork is mere steps away. Four of resident Helen’s beautiful watercolour paintings decorate a dedicated wall on the ground floor, an honour given to her by the residence to celebrate her exceptional ability. But Helen is as prolific as she is talented, and these four pieces represent the tip of the iceberg.

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A day in the life of a Chartwell resident: Violet

Violet 1

When posed with the question, How would you describe your life at your retirement residence?, Violet exclaims, “It’s anything but boring!” Having lived at her Chartwell residence for almost nine years now, she can certainly attest to what the lifestyle in a retirement community looks and feels like.

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Chartwell Imperial Place: A Haven of Nostalgia for Resident Norm

Norm - Imperial Place - For Blog Story

Sometimes, moving into a retirement community can be more than just a change of scenery and lifestyle. For Chartwell Imperial Place resident Norm, the experience was as sentimental as thumbing through an old photo album. Norm’s relationship with Chartwell Imperial Place Retirement Residence is a unique one, as his family has a strong connection to the home.

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Food Service Manager Josh’s Seafood Chowder Recipe

Salmon soup with noodles

With over 15 years experience under his belt, Josh is just getting started as a dynamo in the kitchen as the Food Service Manager at Chartwell Eau Claire in Calgary, Alberta. He loves sharing his passion for food and making sure that residents have the best dining experience possible — all in exchange for the stories, ideas and smiles they are willing to share with him.

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Tips for staying socially engaged all year long

How socializing brings much more than smiles

As the days get shorter and the weather turns cooler, it’s important for older adults to stay socially engaged with friends and family and not let factors like inclement weather foster feelings of loneliness—especially as such feelings are shown to be detrimental to our health, even more so than smoking, obesity and inactivity!

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