VV Couple

Gina and Giuseppe: A Romance Born in Italy

Does love at first sight exist? If you were to ask Gina and Giuseppe of Chartwell Valley Vista Retirement Residence in Vaughan, Ontario, it most certainly does! This happy couple of 74 years is living proof.

Gina and Giuseppe’s story is one right from the pages of a romance novel. They met in Italy back in 1943, both of them young and full of aspirations. Giuseppe’s father, who owned land, sold a portion of it Gina’s father, who specialized in making wine. It was this fateful transaction that led to Gina and Giuseppe meeting, and in that moment, love was most certainly in the air.

But love during the 1940’s in Italy was tricky business. The idea of dating was a foreign concept to most, and so Giuseppe had to get creative to court his special lady. The two met in secret on the plantation with a chaperone on hand, Giuseppe always making sure to bring Gina the freshest fruits and figs from his father’s land to impress her. After a year of meeting, the two lovebirds decided to elope, regardless of the backlash they may have received from their families.

Gina and Giuseppe were wed in a private ceremony by a local priest, behind a church door. Though the ceremony was perfectly legal, they decided to have a second public ceremony to celebrate with their families, and for the better half of a century, Gina and Giuseppe have stayed by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Today, this happy couple enjoys a wonderful life at Chartwell Valley Vista, where they often reflect on their life together. It’s a life that’s brought them fulfilment, happiness, tears, and everything in between. They succeeded in raising three wonderful children who know that it was the undying commitment that their parents shared which gave them the opportunity to become who they are today.

And what advice do Gina and Giuseppe give to future generations looking to find a love as strong as theirs? It’s simple, really. Life has its ups and downs, but love always finds a way to prevail.

“In this life, every rose has a thorn. You have to accept the good with the bad. Just remember that the bad will always pass and life will always go on.”