#MomentsThatMatter – Baking for a good cause

Colonel Belcher Cookies for a Cause

One thing that makes Chartwell retirement residences truly unique places to live is the emotional support one receives from staff and residents upon moving in. Each retirement home has its own special sense of community, where friendships and creativity can flourish. Chartwell Colonel Belcher in Calgary, Alberta, is certainly one of those retirement communities.

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7 tips to help you get better sleep

bedroom with bed and christmas garland at home

Getting enough sleep is important for good health and cognition, while chronic poor sleep can affect reasoning, verbal abilities and increase the risk of depression. Being physically active daily, relaxing before bed and optimizing your sleep environment can improve sleep. Avoiding sleep disruptors, limiting naps and eating sensibly can also help you enjoy longer, more restful sleep.

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8 healthy New Year’s resolutions for older adults

Portrait of couple celebrating Christmas with champagne

Focusing on small, doable goals each day could have a big impact on your overall health. Eating more nutrient-dense foods, doing a variety of physical activities, thinking positively and stimulating your mind can help maintain or improve your cognitive and physical health. Staying socially connected, helping others, being creative and sharing laughs can lift your mood and promote healthy aging too.

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