6 ways for older adults to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes

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One in five Canadians 65 and over is living with diabetes. An active, healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes for older adults. Being active each day, eating healthy foods and losing excess weight can help prevent or control type 2 diabetes. Managing blood sugar based on individual needs, regular check-ups and daily foot care can also prevent or reduce diabetes-related complications.

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Essential Conversations with Dr. Amy: Planning for our later years

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Over the span of my career I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of Canadians about their retirement years. For many, this period of their lives lasts about 20-30 years—sometimes longer!—and what I have noted is that people usually have big plans for their first few years of retirement. Traveling more is the number one thing people say they are going to do. Other common early retirement plans include volunteering, pursuing a hobby or activity they haven’t had time for in the past, spending more time with their family, and even working part-time.

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Engaging in the arts boosts seniors’ physical and emotional health

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Research studies show that older adults can gain a wide range of health benefits through engagement in the arts. Seniors who participated in Vancouver’s Healthy Aging Through the Arts project experienced better physical health, stronger social connections and less chronic pain through participation in creative activities. Other studies have shown additional health benefits including fewer falls and doctor visits, lower stress and lessened depression.

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