Recognize and treat sleep apnea for better health and sleep

Senior Couple Sleeping In Bed

Obstructive sleep apnea affects one in four Canadians and an estimated 45% to 60% of people over 60. It’s important to recognize possible symptoms like daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, pauses in breathing during sleep and loud snoring. Treatments such as a CPAP machine, oral appliance and losing excess weight can greatly improve your sleep, quality of life and overall health.

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Tillie Reconnects with Family after 17 Years


Nothing means more to Matilda “Tillie” Grant than her family. The 84-year old resident of Chartwell Carrington House in Mission, BC, longed to see her five sisters who lived many miles away in their hometown of Welland, Ontario, after 17 years apart. With two of her sisters sick with cancer, and another sister missing her terribly, Tillie’s desire to see her sisters one more time grew stronger by the day.

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Chartwell Stillwater Writer-in-Residence, Samuel “Bernie” Shaw

Bernie Shaw 1

Storyteller and Chartwell Stillwater Creek resident Samuel “Bernie” Shaw isn’t accustomed to having the tables turned on him as the subject—rather than the author—of the story. With seven published books and nearly 300 articles on subjects ranging from aviation in the post-Avro years to the history of the Ottawa Valley region to his name, he understands what it takes to make a good story come alive.

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6 ways seniors can help prevent pneumonia

Doctor examining senior patient

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death and hospitalization among seniors in Canada. Older adults are more susceptible because it’s harder to clear bacterial secretions from their lungs and their immune systems are often weaker. Fortunately, the risk of developing pneumonia can be substantially reduced by getting vaccinated against pneumonia and the flu, washing hands often, and through healthy eating, regular exercise and good sleep habits.

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Dr. Amy Case Study: Adjusting to retirement living

Senior Couple Facing Empty Room with Packed Moving Boxes and Potted Plants.

Think back to when you went away from home for the first time, or started your first job. Can you remember how you felt in each of those experiences? For most of us, we experienced mixed feelings—likely excitement about something new, nervousness about whether we would like the new experience or fit in with people there, and perhaps a bit of sadness about what we left behind. All are normal feelings associated with changes in our lives.

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Chartwell and Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Granting wishes to Canadian veterans


Since November of 2015, Chartwell Retirement Residences and Wish of a Lifetime Canada have been working together to grant lifelong wishes to seniors all across the country. Of the nearly 40 wishes granted thus far, many have been for veterans who bravely served to protect the rights and freedoms of Canadians. With November upon us, it is a time of reflection and commemoration, which is why we’d like to highlight some of the wishes we’ve been able to help grant to deserving veterans.

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