Healthy habits are the true fountain of youth for seniors

Smiling senior woman

The key to good health and longevity for seniors is not a mythical Fountain of Youth, but the good habits identified by today’s scientists. Research shows that healthy lifestyles are more influential than genes in helping older adults stay youthful and live longer. Staying socially connected, being physically active, thinking positively, and exercising your brain through lifelong learning can help you to maintain optimal health and quality of life.

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#MomentsThatMatter – Holding Court with the Toronto Raptors

Trilogy Raptors 1

At Chartwell Trilogy Long Term Care Residence in East Toronto, nothing is more important to staff than the happiness and health of their residents. With this in mind, the team headed into 2017 with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication, and decided to assemble a committee of staff who would help residents’ wishes come true through our Moments That Matter program.

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Happiness as a positive prescription for better health

Senior woman laughing

A growing body of research shows that people who are happier enjoy better health and longevity on average. Studies indicate that positive emotions protect against heart disease, and happy people are better able to perform daily living activities as they age. There is also good evidence to suggest that older adults who are physically active, volunteer, socially involved and pursue their passion in retirement are happier.

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Move more and sit less to slow the aging process

Mature woman engaged in Nordic walking outside the city.

Sitting for long periods without any physical activity could accelerate biological aging by as much as eight years. Researchers found that active older adults had longer telomeres and sedentary seniors had shorter telomeres, a sign of faster-aging cells and greater health risks. Toronto Rehab researchers have also shown that exercising regularly and sitting less is much healthier than exercising for 30 minutes and being sedentary the rest of the day.

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Three great reasons why older is better

Happy senior lady in wheelchair smiling outside

It turns out that catchy slogan from a 1970s hair-colour commercial might actually be true. Many seniors will tell you that, rather than feeling their lives are in decline (as typical ageist stereotypes would have us believe), they’re sure their lives have never been better. And that’s not despite their age, but because of it.

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