Don’t let glaucoma steal your vision

Trendy senior lady with lovely charming smile

World Glaucoma Week highlights the need for older adults and others at risk to have regular screening to detect glaucoma before experiencing any symptoms. Early detection and treatment can slow down progression of the disease, and prevent or limit vision loss. You can also take action to prevent glaucoma, or better manage the disease to protect your eyesight, through a healthy lifestyle.

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The benefits of intergenerational relationships between young adults and seniors

Teenage Granddaughter Helping Grandmother In Garden

Intergenerational relationships between young adults and older adults are mutually beneficial. These relationships provide both parties the opportunity to learn new skills, share their stories and to receive advice about situations in which they find themselves. In fact, in a 2009 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it was noted that increased social activity is associated with better physical abilities in seniors.

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Crafting for a cause: Chartwell Chatsworth supports local community

basket with knitting needles and balls of yarn

At Chartwell Chatsworth Retirement Residence in Kelowna, BC, giving back to the local community is a philosophy woven into the fabric of the home. Both staff and residents are genuine believers in supporting worthy causes that positively impact the community as whole, and continue to raise thousands of dollars per year through annual fundraisers and Chartwell’s H.O.P.E. (Helping Others for Purposeful Engagement) vocational program.

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Dine well, live well at Chartwell Waterford Retirement Residence

A well cooked filet of Mignon served with asparagus

A maître d’ warmly greets you and guides you to your white-linen table with upholstered dining chairs. The daily changing menu features fresh ingredients, and the buzz of conversation around the room hums. This isn’t the hot new restaurant in town, it’s the vision being planned for the dining room at Chartwell’s new Waterford Retirement Residence.

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The benefits of caring for a pet in your retirement years

Portrait of lovely Cavalier King Charles spaniel

For pet owners of all ages, a pet isn’t just an animal: it’s a member of the family. Between feeding, walking, bathing and a host of other responsibilities associated with pet ownership, being a caregiver to a furry or feathered friend no doubt requires a level of commitment—yet almost any pet owner can attest to the love and loyalty they receive far outweighing any work involved. But, aside from unwavering companionship, did you know owning a pet can positively impact your emotional and physical wellness, especially during your retirement years?

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Understanding depression and tips on how to cope

Senior Woman Looking out Window

Having a bad day is common, but for some, feelings of sadness can last longer than 24 hours; in fact, it can last for days, weeks or even months. These feelings may be diagnosed as depression, a mental illness which can have negative effects on how individuals handle normal day-to-day activities. No matter at what age someone becomes depressed, it is a medical condition that requires attention and treatment.

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