Canadian communities support healthy aging by becoming more age-friendly

Senior man in park

More than 900 cities and smaller communities across Canada have taken action to become more age-friendly since the World Health Organization launched its Global Age-Friendly Cities Project. Key features of age-friendly communities include safe, affordable housing and public transportation, opportunities for seniors to be socially active, and health and community support services. Long term care systems that provide quality care and support are also essential.

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Customer Service Profile: Sandra Renaud

Sandra 1

I’ve been a proud Housekeeper at Chartwell Rideau Place for the past six years. In addition to completing my typical duties each day—which includes cleaning residents’ rooms and ensuring their laundry is taken care of—I also pride myself on making residents feel welcomed and comfortable. I greet everyone with a smile, follow up with residents about their day and even work on puzzles with them in my free time. Getting to know residents on a personal level is important to help create a level of trust. If I hear a resident say “I missed you so much” or “what would I do without you,” I know I’ve made the impact I was hoping for.

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85 year old runs circles around world records

Hit the Road, Runner

It’s been a very good year for 85-year-old runner Ed Whitlock. Since the start of 2016, the competitive senior has racked up six world records, including his astounding time of three hours, 56 minutes and 33 seconds in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Not only was he the oldest runner, but he smashed the existing world record in his 85-to-89 age category by almost 40 minutes.

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4 things to think about during a holiday visit with your aging loved one

Three generation family reading a book at Christmas Eve at home

The holidays are almost here, and you’re looking forward to visiting mom and dad for a few days, anticipating much loved family traditions and spending some quality time together.

However, an extended visit may also allow you to experience your parent’s everyday routine with fresh eyes, giving you a window into the challenges they may be facing, but perhaps haven’t felt comfortable talking about.

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4 tips for building friendships at your new retirement home

Two happy senior friends cooking in kitchen

Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People introduced the idea that success in life is based on effective communication and building relationships – also two key components of making and keeping friends. What Carnegie couldn’t have known back in 1936 was that winning friends also helps you live longer.

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7 ways to prevent the flu and other health complications for seniors

Elderly woman has flu

Seniors are at higher risk of serious flu complications because their immune systems become weaker with age. Canadian immunization experts recommend an annual flu shot for people 65 and over to protect against the flu and its potential health complications. Along with the vaccine, protect yourself by avoiding contact with people who have the flu, washing your hands regularly, and keeping common surface areas that carry germs clean and disinfected.

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The importance of shingles prevention for seniors

Healthcare worker and elderly patient

Shingles is a painful condition more common among seniors. The shingles vaccine can prevent or significantly lower your risk of developing shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia, a debilitating complication causing pain that lasts for months or years. Canadian immunization experts recommend the vaccine for people 60 and over to reduce the risk of developing a condition that can interfere with your sleep, daily activities and enjoyment of life.

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Chartwell launches “MyPizza” food program

Pizza 1

On November 30, Chartwell retirement residences across Canada participated in a company-wide “Pizza Day,” where homemade, piping-hot pizzas made with fresh, premium-quality ingredients were served to residents during lunch or dinner and customized according to their preferences. Though no reason is ever needed to justify eating pizza, the purpose of residents dining on mouth-watering pizza pies was to celebrate Chartwell’s newly-launched MyPizza program.

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