Researching retirement living? Here’s where to start.

Use the Internet to do your research before deciding on a retirement residence.

After making the decision to move to a retirement residence, your next step is to find the community that best fits your wants and needs. According to the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA), extensive research is key to making the best decision. By digging deep and exploring your options, you can develop a clear understanding of the location you want, the amenities and services you desire, and the overall personality you hope the residence exudes.

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Canada Health Day: Highlighting the importance of healthy living


As Canada Health Day is May 12, it’s the perfect time to talk about the importance of an active lifestyle. This year marks the 95th anniversary of the day, which commemorates Florence Nightingale’s birthday and was started by the Canadian Healthcare Association and the Canadian Public Health Association. For seniors, it’s a good day to think about ways to live a healthier life, and consider a well-rounded routine that incorporates physical activity, social connections, a balanced diet and rewarding hobbies or passions.

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Letter writing program connects Chartwell residents with local elementary school students

Martha's Landing Grandpal Program

Recently, staff at Chartwell Martha’s Landing and Chartwell Christopher Terrace decided to pitch a novel idea to their residents: an intergenerational program dubbed “Grandpals,” which buddies up seniors with local elementary school students to establish a pen pal relationship. The program entails students and seniors exchanging letters on a monthly basis, getting to know one another and sharing important or memorable stories about their lives leading up to an in-person meeting at the end of the school year. As Chartwell Brant Centre Long Term Care had previously participated in the program with great enthusiasm, it was no surprise that our other seniors’ homes in Burlington were keen to join in.

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Canadian couple demonstrates the benefits of active living during retirement


Until scientists discover the fountain of youth, there’s one secret to staying young that every senior can take advantage of: leading an active lifestyle. Mounting research shows that older adults who regularly participate in activities that keep their bodies and minds sharp enjoy greater well-being and satisfaction with their lives than those who are sedentary. CBC News recently profiled the inspiring story of 89-year-olds Ted and Mel Turner of Saskatchewan.

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4 financial questions to ask your aging parent


It’s important to consider finances when planning for retirement, and determining one’s financial situation sooner rather than later helps support confident and secure retirement planning while reducing potential stress down the road.If your aging parent has reached out to you looking for some support in managing their finances or planning for a retirement living lifestyle, consider asking them these four questions.

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