Chartwell Chatsworth’s H.O.P.E. program provides helping hand to Rutland Voodoos

The fundraiser was held to raise money for the Rutland Voodoos to buy equipment and take care of fees for the season.

Last month, Chartwell Chatsworth Retirement Residence showed its support for the Rutland Voodoos by organizing and hosting a fundraiser in an effort to help raise money for the supplies and fees the football team needs for the season. The night was a huge success, bringing over 100 seniors and other members of the community together to support the team.

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Make Us Part of Your Story: Aurel & Maja

Aurel Dittrich & Maja Cuffley

As Aurel and his daughter Maja tell it, life in the Dittrich family was a beautiful one growing up, filled with a kaleidoscope of precious memories together—like the clan gathering around the kitchen table to blow out candles on a home-made birthday cake, or boating along a crystal-blue lake in the Laurentians. The Croatian-born Chartwell resident and his wife, Zora, had two children in total, including Maja, the oldest. “Maja was my miracle baby,” Aurel smiles, a sparkle in his eye. “She was born on my birthday. Everyone who knows Maja knows how wonderful she is: she’s perfect to me.” Maja teases that she is indeed perfect, but her description of her father is equally as loving. “My dad is such an interesting man. Disciplined, yet funny, a hard-worker, yet loves to unwind with a glass of wine and a paint brush,” she says, adding: “He’s the patriarch of the family; a caring father and a model grandfather.”

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Understanding the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease

Be the love and support your aging parent needs.

The beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease marks a distinct time in your loved one’s life, and can pose significant changes for the entire family. According to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, this early stage is also known as mild Alzheimer’s disease. It may be a confusing time for all involved, as the change in your loved one’s lifestyle may only be slight at first, and therefore no one may connect differences in behaviour or memory to the onset of the disease.

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6 healthy adjustments to make this spring

Waking up everyday gives you the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to make improvements to your life. Now that spring has arrived, why not use the new season as a fresh, clean slate and make a few adjustments to your lifestyle? In fact, the warm weather itself may inspire you to improve your lifestyle this month, as the Canadian Mental Health Association says that Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as Seasonal Depression, is likely to subside as winter comes to an end. Here are six small, simple changes you can make this spring to improve your health and truly enjoy your retirement!

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Tips for communicating with someone living with dementia

Always have patience when communicating with a senior living with dementia.

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia takes dedication, love and patience. Seniors living with dementia can have difficulty remembering things and communicating with others, which may discourage them from interacting at all. Changes in mood can also be an effect of dementia, so it’s important to keep your loved one’s behavioural challenges in mind when approaching them.

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107-year-old resident recalls wartime years

Maria and her step-sisters were forced to leave the country due to war in Belgium.

This past January, one of Chartwell Wynfield’s most inspiring residents, Mariette “Maria” Barszczewicz, celebrated her 107th birthday. She got to spend time with her family and was surprised by friends and staff with a joyful birthday get-together. As she celebrated, she looked back on her life and the events that made her the woman she is today—including the war that would change everything.

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