4 food tips that can help fight insomnia

Did you know that your eating habits are closely linked to your sleeping habits?

Getting the appropriate amount of sleep at night is just as essential as oxygen, food and water for the human body, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Although occasionally experiencing a restless night is common for most people, some experience difficulty sleeping more frequently due to a disorder known as insomnia. As studies show, insomnia is more common for seniors, as sleep initiation becomes more difficult with age.

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Caring for a loved one from a distance

Taking care of a loved one from a distance doesn't have to be difficult.

There’s an old saying, according to Canada Cares, that “when parents are still alive, their children should not go far away,” but sometimes, this simply isn’t possible. For some, careers may call them to different parts of the country, making it difficult to stay close to their parents. This can pose challenges when it comes time to caring for an aging parent—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to support them from afar. In fact, an estimated 359,700 people living in Canada in 2007 provided long-distance support to a parent, which accounted for 22 per cent of the caregiving population, according to Statistics Canada.

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Residents Create Musical Tribute to Staff

Lynnwood Pic

Staff at Chartwell Lynnwood Retirement Residence in Chilliwack, British Columbia, recently received a touching surprise from their residents. The home’s in-house choir, the “Lynnwood Singers,” comprised of approximately 25 seniors, decided to pen a Christmas-inspired song describing their appreciation of staff—from the housekeepers to the food service team to the many managers who make Chartwell Lynwood a special place to live.

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Chartwell Avondale names resident Honourary Project Manager

The TCC workers handed Ovenden a hard hat and vest and they all got to work.

This past year, Chartwell Avondale Retirement Residence experienced a massive flood due to a city water main break that led to Toronto Transit Commission workers having to repair a nearby streetcar line. John Ovenden, a Chartwell Avondale resident, decided to pitch in and help the workers out. After all, he had the experience: since he was a young boy, he was interested in carpentry, and even made a career out of his talents.

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A checklist of important questions to ask your aging parent

Take a moment to talk to your aging parent about what the future holds.

Later in life, there may come a time when your aging parent can no longer live independently. Even if they are in fairly good shape, they may still struggle to maintain a household, find they aren’t as active and social as they once were, feel less motivated to cook nutritional meals, or even experience feelings of loneliness. Though most adult children begin exploring retirement support options for their parents following a medical scare, it’s always best to plan ahead and help your loved one to be proactive about their health and wellbeing. If you think your parent is ready for more support, or may be soon, here’s a checklist of questions that will help you plan for the future together, before a medical emergency starts the conversation for you.

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How to avoid caregiver burnout

Caregiving is a rewarding experience, but it can take a toll on your health and well-being.

Although caring for an aging loved one is a selfless act that demonstrates love, dedication and patience, the responsibility can become overwhelming and stressful at times, and when combined with other familial or work obligations, can even lead to a “burnout.” It’s therefore very important to make time for yourself to recharge and relax. That amount of stress is not only bad for your physical and mental wellbeing, but also not safe for the senior you are caring for.

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