Recognizing the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease

Help your loved one remember faces by showing old pictures.

If you notice signs of memory loss in your loved one, it may be the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, dementia is the term used for defining a noticeable slump in cognitive strength that becomes an obstruction to everyday life. Therefore, dementia is not its own disease, but rather a term used to describe a variety of diseases that interfere with mental capacity.

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Chartwell Retirement Residences takes two titles at chili cook-off

The chili cook-off raised over $1000 for 55 Plus Centre.

With the cold weather comes a need for warm and comforting foods. For three Chartwell residences, that food was a hearty bowl of chili! A chili cook-off was held at Thunder Bay’s 55 Plus Centre on October 18, and resulted in Chartwell Thunder Bay winning the People’s Choice award and Chartwell Glacier Ridge winning the Judge’s Choice award for their chili submissions. Chartwell Isabella and another local senior living community also submitted delicious recipes for eager taste-testers.

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What you need to know for Fall Prevention Month

Using a walker or cane can help prevent falls.

While everyone is capable of falling, seniors are more prone than others —and the injuries sustained as a result can be more dangerous. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 1 in 3 seniors fall each year. Of these falls, 40 per cent result in hip fractures and 20 per cent even result in death. Here are a few ways to help protect you or a loved one from experiencing a fall.

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4 benefits of remaining physically active as you age

Staying active can help improve physical and mental health.

It’s important for seniors to maintain a healthy lifestyle to support both their aging mind and body. By staying physically active, seniors have the ability to reduce their likeliness of becoming ill, as well as enhance their mobility and flexibility to remain independent for as long as possible. A study from the Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders trial—published in the Journal of the American Medical Association—stated that seniors who followed a health program and structured workout plan that incorporated moderately-intense physical activity actually reduced their risk for mobile disability. 

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Explore the benefits of memory care at Chartwell Manoir et cours de l’Atrium

Explore the benefits of memory care at Chartwell

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or a different form of dementia, it may be time to consider memory care to ensure he or she is receiving the support they need. For example, the Archipelago is a wing of Chartwell Manoir et cours de l’Atrium Retirement Residence in Quebec that focuses on memory care for seniors. The community provides residents with specialized activities and amenities that promote independence and encourage engagement.

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Chartwell Aylmer defends title as soup champions

Chartwell Aylmer took home the golden ladle for their beef barley soup recipe.

What better way to celebrate fall’s arrival then with a hearty bowl of soup? Residents and dietary staff at Chartwell Aylmer Long Term Care Residence did just that when they entered United Way’s 2nd Annual Supreme Soup Challenge! Not only did they enter this year’s contest as the returning winners of last year’s competition, but they also left with the title again!

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Study shows that nature can help seniors sleep better

Taking a walk through the park can  benefit your sleeping tendencies.

According to recent scientific findings, not only is mother nature a beautiful sight to behold, it has health benefits too! A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois showed people aged 65+ experience a better night’s rest if they have access to natural views, such as a sandy beach or a park covered in trees. Living close to an ocean or along the side of a mountain—or even having close access to a garden in the backyard—can result in better sleep.

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Fall Dessert Series: Apple Turnovers by Chartwell’s Sasha Stefanovic


Aleksandar “Sasha” Stefanovic’s career started out in his native country of Serbia. Though he aspired to become a famous soccer player growing up, his passion for cooking eventually led him to attend culinary school in Belgrade, a historic city nestled along the waters of the Danube. After graduating, Sasha worked in a variety of top-quality hotels and restaurants characterized by delicious Serbian food heavily influenced by oriental, central European and local Balkan cuisines. In 1993, he moved to Canada and worked in a number of restaurants and hotels in Vancouver, even catering a dentist convention consisting of more than 300 people! Later, Sasha decided to pursue an opening at a retirement home, a decision which would serve to reinforce not only his love of cooking, but his dedication to making others happy through food.

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