A day in the life of a Chartwell resident: Violet

Violet 1

When posed with the question, How would you describe your life at your retirement residence?, Violet exclaims, “It’s anything but boring!” Having lived at her Chartwell residence for almost nine years now, she can certainly attest to what the lifestyle in a retirement community looks and feels like.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Military Music Reconnects Resident With His Past

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The sounds of a marching band stir memories in many of us – from standing on the sidelines at a St. Patrick’s Day parade to touring a historic fortress on a family vacation – but for one Chartwell resident, the sounds and rhythm have a much deeper meaning. For ninety-one-year-old Lloyd Sullivan of Chartwell Wynfield Long Term Care in Oshawa, Ontario, marching bands are a powerful link to his past as a member of Toronto’s Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada.

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New study examines adverse effects of overmedication

Opioid painkillers crisis and drug abuse concept. Opioid and prescription medication addiction epidemic. Different kinds of multicolored pills. Pharmaceutical medicament background

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians over 65 take five or more prescription drugs. Taking more medications than necessary increases the risk of adverse side effects and harmful interactions. A review of current medications with your doctor and pharmacist could help to eliminate some unnecessary or inappropriate medications. To manage chronic conditions and stay healthy, it’s also important to take the medications you do need exactly as prescribed.

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Chartwell Imperial Place: A Haven of Nostalgia for Resident Norm

Norm - Imperial Place - For Blog Story

Sometimes, moving into a retirement community can be more than just a change of scenery and lifestyle. For Chartwell Imperial Place resident Norm, the experience was as sentimental as thumbing through an old photo album. Norm’s relationship with Chartwell Imperial Place Retirement Residence is a unique one, as his family has a strong connection to the home.

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Essential Conversations with Dr. Amy: Proactively pursuing a fulfilling social life during your retirement

Spending Day with Friends

Here is the surprising thing about loneliness: it actually has an upside! According to Dr. Abraham Palmer, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, “Loneliness may be a warning sign that motivates people to try to develop social links, in the same way the pain of a burn motivates people to move away from a hot flame.” Dr. Palmer is suggesting that instead of viewing loneliness as something inevitable that we just have to endure, we can see it as a signal that we need to do something different.

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7 ways to lower your blood pressure

Skillful elderly lady measuring blood pressure at home

High blood pressure affects more than one in five Canadians and is the most common reason to see a doctor. Hypertension increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia and other serious illnesses. It’s important to check your blood pressure regularly and if detected, you can lower it through lifestyle changes such as consuming less salt, eating healthy foods, being physically active and reducing stress.

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