Delicious Apple Pie Recipe by Chartwell Park Place Resident

Homemade Apple Pie

The scent of freshly-baked goods often fills the hallways of Chartwell Park Place Retirement Residence, thanks to an on-site country kitchen that residents make use of when they feel the urge to do some cooking or baking. Case in point: resident Wilmot “Wim” Pattenden, who absolutely loves using the amenity space to bake all kinds of tasty treats year-round.

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Wish of a Lifetime Canada: Resident Creates Photo Album to Honour Husband

Tilly WOLC 1

Mathilda “Tilly” Koppes, 82, of Chartwell Ridgepointe in Kamloops, British Columbia, longed to honour her late husband Martin’s achievements and to preserve his legacy by creating a photo album dedicated to his life and career. For years, she had been collecting and archiving printed materials about his personal and professional life that she hoped would someday be assembled in a meaningful way. Mathilda’s wish was put into action with the help of Chartwell’s charitable partner, Wish of a Lifetime Canada. They understood the value of preserving history to pass on to future generations and did everything possible for Mathilda to achieve her dream.

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Mindfulness practices offer physical and emotional benefits for healthy aging

Hands of mature woman practicing yoga

Mindfulness practices such as meditation, tai chi and yoga offer many physical, emotional and cognitive benefits for older adults, including family caregivers. Researchers have shown that mindfulness techniques can improve mood, ease depression, lower stress and reduce feelings of loneliness. These practices can also promote clearer thinking and judgement, improve balance to prevent falls, and reduce the risk of heart attack and hospitalization.

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Why exercising with peers has multiple health benefits

Senior fitness team

A UBC study found that older adults are more likely to stick with a fitness plan if they exercise with people of a similar age. Group exercise classes offer the combined benefits of physical and social activities for healthy aging. These include a lower risk of disability, depression, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and premature death, improved balance, as well as better cognitive health and quality of life.

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8 ways gardening boosts your health

Senior couple having fun.

Gardening is an outdoor activity many older adults enjoy that offers multiple physical and mental health benefits. Research studies have shown that active hobbies like gardening reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, increase endurance, and keep hands strong and nimble. Gardening also promotes good nutrition, improves cognition, relieves stress and reduces the risk of depression.

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Essential Conversations with Dr. Amy: Maintaining emotional balance during a life transition

Portrait of the smiling elderly woman. A photo on the autumn background

You may find that big changes in your life—like a move to a retirement residence— can stir up a mixture of emotions that can make you feel a bit off-balance, even when the change is a positive one. The degree to which a move or other change can feel disruptive varies greatly from person to person. Some of us regain our mental equilibrium very quickly, while others go through a longer process of adaptation.

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