Refresh  your retirement suite with these spring decorating trends

Is it time to give your retirement suite a spring decorating refresh? We’ve curated some of this year’s top décor and design trends that work especially well for seniorliving suites and apartments:

Go gallery style

A wall of favourite photos, artwork or other framed treasures never goes out of style, but in 2023 the trend is more popular than ever, with an emphasis on using vintage art and frames.

Why it’s perfect for a suite: A gallery wall allows you to free up precious table and shelf space. Your arrangement can be a mixture of photos, art, or shadow boxes—make the grouping cohesive by using all-black or vintage frames.

Wood you, could you?

Wood, particularly in fine-grained lighter tones, is enjoying a resurgence this year. You’ll find it in table lamps, vintage wooden clocks, decorative bowls, and cabinets.

Why it’s perfect for a suite: Sufficient ambient lighting is important for safety in your space. A new table lamp with a warm, smooth wood base may just be the light touch you need this spring.

Make it macramé

Maybe you made your own macramé plant holder back in the day? Macramé is popular again this year, and you’ll see rope-and-bead wall hangings everywhere, adding a beautiful, natural vibe. Macramé is part of a larger trend of DIY crafts, including needlepoint and knitting.

Why it’s perfect for a suite: Instead of buying your macrame, why not get together with fellow crafty residents and create your own individual pieces? There are numerous websites for beginners*, and this could also be a fun project to contribute to a residence craft fair.

Be unpredictable!

“Unpredictable accessories” is a trend we can all get behind. Instead of displaying the usual books or a vase on a coffee table, why not showcase a one-of-a-kind object that is meaningful to you? That might be your grandfather’s shaving mug, or a favourite aunt’s sewing box—the idea is to display items for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Why it’s perfect for a suite: Showcasing objects that are meaningful to you is a wonderful way to celebrate your memories and your family—and great conversation starters for visitors too.

Every Chartwell residence offers a variety of spacious and bright suites designed for comfortable senior living, and ready for each resident’s individual decorating style and cherished things. Call 1-855-461-0685 to find a residence near you.

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