Wish of a Lifetime: Peter’s Orchestral Debut

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Peter, an optimistic and passionate 83 year-old and resident of Chartwell Imperial Place, has dedicated much of his life to both younger and older generations. A teacher of 43 years, Peter has taught children in his home town of Cape Town, South Africa, in Alberta and in British Columbia. He has also brought his passion for people, education, and counseling to a number of programs striving to improve the lives of seniors. As a true lover of classical music, his Wish of a Lifetime was to finally conduct an orchestra.

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Customer Service Profile: Sandra Renaud

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I’ve been a proud Housekeeper at Chartwell Rideau Place for the past six years. In addition to completing my typical duties each day—which includes cleaning residents’ rooms and ensuring their laundry is taken care of—I also pride myself on making residents feel welcomed and comfortable. I greet everyone with a smile, follow up with residents about their day and even work on puzzles with them in my free time. Getting to know residents on a personal level is important to help create a level of trust. If I hear a resident say “I missed you so much” or “what would I do without you,” I know I’ve made the impact I was hoping for.

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Jack Pays His Respects Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime Canada


Chartwell Royal Park resident, Jack Ryall, was overcome with emotion as he recently traveled to Nassau, Bahamas, to fulfill his wish of a lifetime. Born in England and a self-described “true cockney,” Jack lied about his age just to enlist in the Royal Air Force at 16. After serving in Nassau, he eventually made his way to Calgary in 1972, where he prided himself on being a good father and husband.

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Wilbrod Projean: Veteran, Police Officer, Athlete and Comedian


For the last 11 years, Wilbrod Projean has called Chartwell Le Duplessis in Trois-Rivières his home. “You know, I knew nothing about life in a retirement residence when I started looking,” he explains. Having served in Trois-Rivières’ police force for 35 years, Wilbrod eventually retired and alongside his passion for meeting new people, he also developed one for playing cards.

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Mary Floats Over Belleville in a Hot Air Balloon


Mary McLean, 92, resident at Chartwell Bayview had been longing for a view from above. Before moving into her residence in Belleville, Ontario, she lived in a house that hot air balloons passed over frequently, and would often gaze up at them in awe. More than anything, she wanted to soar high above the countryside and experience the exhilaration.

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DJ Jack Keeps the Music Alive

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As DJ Jack holds the needle over the album and his fellow residents eagerly await the first crackle of the vinyl, he introduces one of his favourite artists, Max Bygraves, a stand-alone comedian and singer of the 50s and 60s. The melodious sounds of “If You Were the Only Girl in the World” lift from the vinyl into the hearts of his audience, taking them back to the carefree days of youth and romance.

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