The benefits of intergenerational relationships between young adults and seniors

Teenage Granddaughter Helping Grandmother In Garden

Intergenerational relationships between young adults and older adults are mutually beneficial. These relationships provide both parties the opportunity to learn new skills, share their stories and to receive advice about situations in which they find themselves. In fact, in a 2009 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it was noted that increased social activity is associated with better physical abilities in seniors.

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Crafting for a cause: Chartwell Chatsworth supports local community

basket with knitting needles and balls of yarn

At Chartwell Chatsworth Retirement Residence in Kelowna, BC, giving back to the local community is a philosophy woven into the fabric of the home. Both staff and residents are genuine believers in supporting worthy causes that positively impact the community as whole, and continue to raise thousands of dollars per year through annual fundraisers and Chartwell’s H.O.P.E. (Helping Others for Purposeful Engagement) vocational program.

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The benefits of caring for a pet in your retirement years

Portrait of lovely Cavalier King Charles spaniel

For pet owners of all ages, a pet isn’t just an animal: it’s a member of the family. Between feeding, walking, bathing and a host of other responsibilities associated with pet ownership, being a caregiver to a furry or feathered friend no doubt requires a level of commitment—yet almost any pet owner can attest to the love and loyalty they receive far outweighing any work involved. But, aside from unwavering companionship, did you know owning a pet can positively impact your emotional and physical wellness, especially during your retirement years?

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Chartwell Carrington House kicks off 2017 with engaging events

Chinese rooster year. Chinese year of the rooster decorations.

At Chartwell Carrington House in Mission, BC, there’s nothing residents look forward to more than an activity calendar chock-full of interesting events and entertainment. Keeping in mind their active and social clients—many of whom enjoy a good party or outing, particularly when there’s opportunity to socialize and try something new and exciting—the Lifestyle team at Carrington House put a great deal of time and effort into events that will impress.

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Why doing activities you enjoy can boost your mind, body and mood

Active Seniors in Golf Cart

Therapeutic recreation enables older adults to participate in stimulating recreation and leisure activities safely, regardless of limitations in their abilities. Studies show that recreational therapy programs can help improve your physical mobility, strength and flexibility, and increase your mental alertness. Group-related recreation activities also increase social bonds with others, reducing loneliness and depression, and boost your morale and quality of life.

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Ask Our Experts: Caring for a spouse during your retirement years

Elderly couple resting on a bench in the park

In my role as a Sales Consultant, I’ve met many different people in unique situations trying to determine what support solution will improve their or a loved one’s quality of life. Though I am often approached by adult children who are seeking help or advice on behalf of an aging parent, I’ve also been introduced to a number of older adults trying to understand their options so they can ensure the right environment, including the availability of support, for their spouse.

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Studies show the health benefits of companionship during our retirement years

Senior Woman Kissing On Man's Cheek

February is the season of love and romance—not to mention cards, cupids and couples. But even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, or have recently lost a spouse, Valentine’s Day is also a reminder of why we should celebrate the importance of friendship and connecting with loved ones in our lives.

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#MomentsThatMatter – A Birthday Message from the Prime Minister

Dorothy and Justin Trudeau 1

With Dorothy’s passion for politics a well-known fact at her retirement residence, where she watches Question Period in the House of Commons from the comfort of her suite each day, staff decided to do something special for her 106th birthday on January 16th. They reached out to the Office of the Prime Minister with an extraordinary request—a meet-and-greet with Justin Trudeau.

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4 tips for building friendships at your new retirement home

Two happy senior friends cooking in kitchen

Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People introduced the idea that success in life is based on effective communication and building relationships – also two key components of making and keeping friends. What Carnegie couldn’t have known back in 1936 was that winning friends also helps you live longer.

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