Studies show the health benefits of companionship during our retirement years

Senior Woman Kissing On Man's Cheek

February is the season of love and romance—not to mention cards, cupids and couples. But even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, or have recently lost a spouse, Valentine’s Day is also a reminder of why we should celebrate the importance of friendship and connecting with loved ones in our lives.

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#MomentsThatMatter – A Birthday Message from the Prime Minister

Dorothy and Justin Trudeau 1

With Dorothy’s passion for politics a well-known fact at her retirement residence, where she watches Question Period in the House of Commons from the comfort of her suite each day, staff decided to do something special for her 106th birthday on January 16th. They reached out to the Office of the Prime Minister with an extraordinary request—a meet-and-greet with Justin Trudeau.

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4 tips for building friendships at your new retirement home

Two happy senior friends cooking in kitchen

Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People introduced the idea that success in life is based on effective communication and building relationships – also two key components of making and keeping friends. What Carnegie couldn’t have known back in 1936 was that winning friends also helps you live longer.

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Chartwell launches “MyPizza” food program

Pizza 1

On November 30, Chartwell retirement residences across Canada participated in a company-wide “Pizza Day,” where homemade, piping-hot pizzas made with fresh, premium-quality ingredients were served to residents during lunch or dinner and customized according to their preferences. Though no reason is ever needed to justify eating pizza, the purpose of residents dining on mouth-watering pizza pies was to celebrate Chartwell’s newly-launched MyPizza program.

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The benefits of an independent living retirement lifestyle

Seniors who play videogames will have increased social interaction.

One of the keys to a happy retirement is selecting which senior living option is best suited for your needs. An independent living lifestyle is a great fit for someone who does not require personal support or care, but may benefit from the many conveniences of living in a retirement community. Older adults living in independent retirement accommodations generally do not receive personal care services, but may enjoy dining options, general housekeeping and laundry amenities, and a host of activities and outings to support an active and vibrant lifestyle.

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#MomentsThatMatter – A Meeting with Justin Trudeau

Jean and Justin

When Chartwell Stonehaven resident Jean turned 100 years old in May, she sat down with General Manager Yasmin Docter-Vachon to show off some of the ‘presents’ she’d received on her big day. “Jean was sent a number of letters to recognize her centenarian birthday, including a letter from the Queen, Prime Minister, Governor General and many other local officials,” Yasmin explains. “While we were pouring over them, as well as some photos of Ottawa, Jean shared that she used to work as a secretary in Parliament Hill’s West Block, and expressed that she wanted to go back for a visit one day.”

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